Career & Leadership Coaching

Our career development & leadership development coaching is designed for either :

  • underperforming employees who need some additional help to get their performance back on track, or help them identify alternate career and job options; or
  • high potential individuals who display leadership qualities and need to take more ownership or control of their career development planning to help them reach that potential.

We can put together a coaching package tailored to meet the specific needs of your employees. Our career coaching is designed to:
  • Assist individuals in enhancing their self-awareness through articulation of their skills, preferences and motivations (including building an understanding of their Myers Briggs Type Indicator profile)
  • Develop their understanding of their impact on others and offer strategies to build profile where appropriate
  • Assist clients gain a greater awareness of others’ preferred leadership, management and communication styles
  • Develop short and longer term development goals including identifying specific skills requiring further development
  • Plan action steps to achieve those goals 
  • Build career resilience and
  • Provide a safe environment for clients to challenge their perceptions and develop alternate strategies and behaviours to achieve career success.